Cquote1Elite,elite,el-NO WAIT I CAN EXPLAIN!!Cquote2
— Gameknight when caught defacing the Empire State Building
Elite troop

That elite next to him is really an enemy troop,who he then pwns.

999thginkemaG Gameknight999 was a hero who likes to pwn monsters. His arch enemy is Herobrine. He has a sister named Monet113,who secretly stars in the Captain of Bottles movie,her real name is Jenny Feynman (don't tell mister serious-pants or Mrs. sarcastic-pants). He has full flipping best armor ancient strong armor. He really should buy super-strong mechanical armor from us. He has pwned many enemies who have been created with the Imagination flow. He's died before.

People he has pwnedEdit


The main manThe main man's sistera sarcastic persona guy who does what minecrafters do every daythe guy who started everything blockya sarcastic person's sister


a guy who lost his pigments but does not have blood in his bodyan Enderman with a really bad cuta big demona dude with a crownspider bitesa caveanother Enderman with a really bad cutDeath with a crown and a bowa zombie... ...brine?a guy who no one knows aboutanother guy no one knows aboutpeople who blow stuff up


Deploy the jets sergeantwait a second i see a patternnever mind... ...wait-every saga has a beginning a new enemythe 90000000000 year old NPC in a templeReturn of the Jedi the end of the conflict